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Diamond Walk 1 - White

Diamond Walk
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A digital representation of sneakers with diamond-embedded uppers and soles made of sapphire and marble.

Premium Benefits

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  • In addition to a video file, this NFT is accompanied by 3D data in .maya.
  • The NFT owners will be able to wear it in Joyfa's upcoming AR app.
  • The NFT owners will be able to participate in upcoming Diamond Walk related airdrops.

Photo Shooting

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Wearing status

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  • By purchasing this NFT, you agree to the terms.
  • All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of this digital sneakers belong to Joyfa. Therefore, the use of images, videos and 3D data of the said NFT product beyond the scope of private use is not permitted.
  • Anything not set out in these Terms is subject to Joyfa's main Terms (https://www.joyfa.io/terms).
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