Some NFTs have a limit on how many times NFT owners can wear digital fashion. Therefore, one of the following statuses has been assigned.

Upload your photo
You can upload a new photo and wear your digital fashion.

Processing or Already Worn
We're sorry, but at this time you can't upload a new photo and wear your digital fashion.


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Mika Hirose
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A limited-edition sophisticated digital dress. The ribbon is made up of digitally rendered diamonds strung together, creating a new sense of elegance and luxury.

Premium Benefits

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  • You will be able to wear the digital dress as if you were actually wearing it in your photo (only once for each NFT).
  • You will be able to join and participate in Joyfa's future campaigns and events exclusive for NFT owners.
  • You may be able to use the digital dress in Joyfa's upcoming services.

Photo Shooting

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  • Please place your camera horizontally in a landscape position.
  • Turn your body back to the left and place your right hand on top of your left arm.
  • Please wear a tube top. (Wearing a skin-coloured one may result in a better photo.)

Reference photo


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  1. After the photo shoot, please upload your photo in the My Closet page. You will be able to download the photo of you wearing the digital fashion within a week. For more information on how to use the page, please click here.
  2. By purchasing this NFT, you agree to our terms.
  3. At this moment, each NFT allows the holder to wear the associated digital dress only once. If you purchase an NFT from a secondary market, it may no longer be available for wearing. You can check the wearability from the wearability status below.
  4. In the future, each NFT may allow the holder to wear the associated digital dress multiple times.
  5. All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the digital dresses belong to Joyfa. It is therefore not permitted to use the images, videos and 3D data of the digital dresses associated with each NFT beyond the scope of private use.

Wearing status

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